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“This is wonderful news and a fitting tribute to a great writer.”
Henry Louis Gates



Audre Lorde, the renowned African-american poet, author and activist, lived from 1984 to 1992 each year for weeks and months at a time in Berlin. Are you interested in the time Audre Lorde shared in Berlin with her comrades and friends? Want to visit the places where she lived, worked and spent her leisure time? All of this you can experience in this a self-guided digital journey containing photos, videos and sound clips.


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for all locations which include videos or audios

Plötzensee Memorial
– Audre reading her poem “This Urn contains Earth from German
Concentration Camps” (audio)

– Audre reading her poem “Stations”, 1990 (audio)

East Side Gallery
– Audre and Gloria I. Joseph on German politics after the fall of the wall
(audio of Audre in 1990; video of Gloria in 1995)

– shows the street named after May Ayim. And May reading her poem
“Afro-German” at a festival in South Africa in 1995 (video)

– Audre at the third anniversary of the ISD (Initiative of Black Germans) in
1989 (video)

– Audre on the women’s movement in Berlin, 1987 (audio)

Café April
– Ika Hügel-Marshall on Audre encouraging her to write, 2011 (video)

– Audre on her political credo (audio)

Alice Salomon University of Applied Sciences
– Audre reading her poem “Thanks to Jesse Jackson”, 1991 (video)

Die Zwei
– Audre dancing (video)

– Audre shopping (video)

America House
1 – Audre’s introductory words at her reading at the annual conference of the
Association of Northamerican Studies in 1984 (video)
2 – Audre referring to the relations between Black and
white women and reading her poem “A Woman Speaks”, 1984 (video)

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
– Audre at the conference “A Dream of Europe” in 1988 on the role of
hyphenated people in Europe (audio)

Academy of the Arts
– Audre reading from her novel ZAMI, 1987 (video)

Technical University Berlin
– Audre reading her poem “Harriet”, 1984 (audio)

– Audre on her times as a child in a catholic school, 1991 (video)

– place where Audre stayed in 1988; Audre on the role of her German
publishing house Orlanda concerning anti-racism, 1992 (video)

– Audre reads her poem “Berlin is hard on colored girls”

Orlanda Press 1
– Audre and Gloria I. Joseph on the necessity of white women facing
racism at a reading in Basel, 1984 (video)

Großgörschenstrasse/Orlanda Press 2
1 – Audre reading her poem “East Berlin 1989”, 1992
2 – Audre reflecting on her poem “East Berlin 1989”, 1992
3 – Audre dancing at her last party in Berlin in 1991
– Audre on the market; carrying flowers; singing on the balcony;
Audre talking about a book of her poems to be published by
Orlanda Press, 1992
4 – Audre in conversation with Southafrican author and activist
Ellen Kuzwayo, 1992 (all videos)

Kuno’s Praxis
– Audre in conversation with her naturopath Manfred Kuno, 1989 (video)

John-F.-Kennedy Institute for Northamerican Studies
– Audre on Afro-germans (audio)

Auf dem Grat
– Audre revisiting the place where she stayed in 1984 and mentioning her
poem “Berlin is Hard on Colored Girls”, 1991 (video)

Chalet Suisse
– Audre in conversation with Ika Hügel-Marshall, 1991 (video)

Krumme Lanke
– Audre commenting on the nudist beach, 1991 (video)

– enjoying the lake, woods and food with friends, 1991 (video)

– joking conversation, 1991 (video)

Table of contents for locations with photos only

Tegel airport
– Audre with friends upon arrivals and departures

– Audre on a city tour

East Berlin
– a few impressions

Street of June 17th
– Audre with Ika Hügel-Marshall and Dagmar Schultz at the wall

Meta Café
– Audre with friends

Pour Elle
– photos of former lesbian bar

– photos of the place where Audre stayed in 1989

– Audre in front of the place where she stayed in 1990

– street where Audre and Gloria I. Joseph stayed in 1986

Luise and Boutique
– places next to the university where Audre spent time

Jagdschloss Grunewald
– castle in the forest near the unversity where Audre used to take walks